About Us


Shipshewana Church of the Nazarene is . . .

PERSONAL—We believe that everyone needs a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Our church is made up of many individuals, at various levels of Christian commitment and understanding. We exist to help you become a disciple of Jesus. Our purpose is to reach every person.

LOCAL—We are a community of believers inside a local community. It is important for us to be involved in our community, to be visible in our community, and to impact our community with the love of Jesus Christ. Our purpose is to reach our neighbors.

GLOBAL—We are a part of the Global church of the Nazarene. Our ministry reaches literally around the world through our prayers, our missions ministry, and our giving. We have a responsibility to spread the Gospel to every nation. Our purpose is to reach our world. [NEInazarene.org and Nazarene.org]