Pastor Francis, Blenda,

Jordan, Emily, and Lexi! 


A little about our new parsonage family...

Pastor Francis has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Religion.  Before taking his first ministry assignment, he worked as a deputy sheriff in Johnson County Kansas for nearly five years.  He also served 14 years in the Missouri Army National Guard.  Some of his hobbies and interests include being outdoors, fishing, and swimming.  He loves music and is an avid sports fan.  He enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Blenda is a registerd nurse by profession.  She is a deeply spiritual woman of God, a gifted pianist, loves to entertain people in their home, and is a wonderful mentor to not only their children, but to other women and young ladies as well.  She is compassionate and sensitive to the needs of others.  She truly has a heart for ministry.

Jordan is 21.  He is ready to start his senior year at MidAmerican Nazarene University, where he is studying for ministry.  Jordan is an incredibly gifted young man in many areas, but music ministry is his passion.  He is a very talented worship leader and has a heart for church planting.

Emily is 18 and is going to start her sophomore year at Oilvet Nazarene University.  She is also studying for the full-time ministry, focusing in the areas of children and youth.  She is a very gifted and spiritually sensitive young lady.  She is active in the Preaching Ambassador program at Olivet.

Lexi is 10 and is going into 5th grade.  She is a fun-loving, energetic and fearless girl!  She is very strong-willed and independent, but also very sensitive. 

Warren's welcome to Shipshewana Church of the Nazarene!