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Due to some technical problems, the sermon for June 28 is not available here.  Check out our FB page for the message.  Thanks!  




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10/18/2020Pastor Francis "A Prayer for Personal Holiness"
Psalms 51
Download 20201018Sermon.mp3
10/11/2020Pastor Francis Destined for Holiness
1 Peter 1:13-15
Download 20201011Sermon.mp3
10/04/2020Pastor Francis David: Rising Above Your Limitations
1 Samuel 13:13-14, 1 Samuel 16:7
Download 20201004Sermon.mp3
09/20/2020Pastor Francis Temporary Trials: Eternal Glory
2 Corinthians 4:7-18
Download 20200920Sermon.mp3
09/13/2020Pastor Francis The Slippery Slope of Sin
Romans 1:18-32
Download 20200913sermon.mp3
09/06/2020Pastor Francis Series: Not Ashamed of the Gospel - Part 3 The Gospel: A Message of Revelation
Romans 1:16-18
Download 200906Sermon.mp3

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