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02/10/2019Pastor Francis Sermon Series: God's Waiting Room Part 2: "Noah Waited On God"
Genesis 6-9
Download 190210Sermon.mp3
02/03/2019Pastor Francis Sermon Series: God's Waiting Room Part 1: "The Call to Wait"
Psalms 27:14
Download 190203Sermon.mp3
01/27/2019Pastor Francis The Invitation: Part 3 ~ Live Closer
James 4:4-10
Download 190127Sermon.mp3
01/13/2019Pastor Francis The Invitation: Part 2 ~ Reaching Higher
Philippians 3:7-16
Download 190113Sermon.mp3
01/06/2019Pastor Francis The Invitation: Part 1 ~ Digging Deeper
Hebrews 5:11-6:3
Download 190106Sermon.mp3
12/30/2018Pastor Toni James New Year

Download 181230SermonPastorToni.mp3

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